Integrated Analytics

Dashboards, Graphs, Automated Reports.

Any tool

We know our clients have their preferred tech stack, too. Our team has expertise using the following tools.

MetabaseLooker studioMS PowerBIQlik

Example dashboard

Business insights made easy

We understand you want to focus on your core business. We've helped many companies in a broad range of industries get insights in the data they already have. Our solutions help you see what's really happening in your company: whether you're looking to improve financials or working on your ESG targets, we've got you covered.

Data warehousing and ETL

Fast, reliable, at any scale.

Data warehousing

Unlock the power of data with our cost-effective data warehousing solution. Harness the potential of your data at a fraction of the cost compared to large cloud providers. Analyze, store, and manage your data efficiently to gain valuable insights and make informed business decisions.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

We integrate all your operational platforms so you have up-to-date access at any time. Extract data from various sources, transform it into a unified format, and load it into your data warehouse for analysis and reporting.

Industry-specific dashboards

Gain insights, optimize performancee.

You set the target, we show the metric

We believe in the power of dialogue. Let's work together to understand your business and tailor specific dashboards to your unique needs. Whether you're in manufacturing, culture, healthcare, or any other industry, we'll help you identify, visualize, track and ace the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to your success.

For the manufacturing industry

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to the manufacturing industry. Monitor metrics such as production efficiency (OEE, OOE), quality control, inventory turnover, and equipment utilization. Identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and improve overall operational performance.

For production lines

Track operational and financial metrics. We know you use very specific and tailored software packages, and it's not always easy to get that data implemented into your BI tool. We have the expertise to combine data sources, allowing you to work with them.

For hospitality and culture

Combine POS, inventory, payments, labor, marketing, social media and customer management into one platform. Monitor occupancy rate, average daily rate (ADR) and OTA impact for hotels, employee cost, productivity, inventory cycle and visitor waiting time for restaurants and cafes, and event management, visitor cycles, and drink purchases for culture. Get the insights you need to optimize and improve your business. Our software is designed to adapt, grow and scale as your business evolves.

Other solutions


Customize using AI. We'll show you some of the 10% projects we have been working on - just to keep the programming sharp!

AI product configurator

We build AI-powered product configurators that help your customers find the right product for their needs.


Custom AI chatbots for business.

Document chatbots

Automate your customer support with AI chatbots that can answer questions about your documents.

Internal chatbots

Give employees quick access to information: no more searching through documents and emails.

Document generation

Use AI to generate documents, contracts, and emails based on your templates.


Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG)

Customized chatbots grounded in real-world data.

For example, instead of spending thousands on therapy, ask Nietzsche Bot for life advice (... or use both)