The real hidden pearl of AI’s Chatbot Revolution: Marketing Automation

The real hidden pearl of AI’s Chatbot Revolution: Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation
April 5, 2023
Seb Wiechers
Just kidding… It’s Marketing Automation! (Cynical AI remark, human-written, intended)
Guess what? You can create a cheap and scaleable cloud infrastructure by simply hooking up and subscribing to a large deal of available and relevant cloud services… Bit of a mouthful.
With the coming of the ChatGPT Plugins infrastructure and LangChain’s amazing open source model for language tasks, it’s now super easy to create highly specific sales automations that can save time for every company (including yours).
That’s right: every company needs to market itself, every company needs sales. But how are you gonna get sales if the internet is overloaded with content, and the competition for content is huge? By creating your very own digital visit card. These visit cards are automated chatbot experiences that allow you to populate your very own corner of the web, by steadily growing and improving your cloud infrastructure in a modular way, which will cut your marketing budgets massively.
Here’s how I use AI to automate my flow: I want to send out a blogpost, newsletter, and twitter message. To create a twitter message I need to summarize a nice piece of content that I wrote. So let’s write a nice piece of content! Don’t start automating your ideas just yet! Thinking for yourself is the fun part 😊. Once we wrote it, we can automatically compile suggestions for the newsletter and twitter message. All from within Notion!
With IFTTT you can automate your workflow in a modular way. Great!
With IFTTT you can automate your workflow in a modular way. Great!
That’s because I use tools like IFTTT (for easy tasks) and Pipedream (for full code control) to automate my workflow. IFTTT works like Zapier: it automatically triggers whenever I publish a page in Notion. Very useful in case I want to automatically reformat any blog post I write to an e-mail message, and send it to everyone who subscribed to my newsletter, for example.
Add LangChain or GPT in the middle and you can go from spending your hard-earned time from filling out forms and formatting everything by hand, to coming up with the sweet ideas and building your business!
As more and more tasks get automated, could it be that the economy of the future is a market of ideas, not implementations? The revolution of open-source and continuously improving ability of code to rewrite code snippets results in an app ecosystem that grows faster than any human could ever build against from scratch. This means it’s not about reinventing the wheel - the real challenge is how to integrate everything to save more time. Because life is about time, not money.
How I use Pipedream to automate my tweet process
How I use Pipedream to automate my tweet process
With Pipedream, after writing a blog post, ChatGPT is automatically called to generate 5 tweets based on my post, and the tweets are written in Notion. Then, I review the tweets and update their status at the click of a button within Notion, which sends another message to Pipedream, which schedules the tweets within my content calendar. Then, every day, Pipedream checks which tweet needs to be posted, and posts it on twitter!
Never again do I have to switch between browser windows to upload content. Convenient, huh?
And if you’re wondering how I set up this page on my site? Buckle up and get ready for an exercise in NextJS Boilerplate juggling… don’t worry, there’s plugins for your CMS (Wordpress, Shopify) already! Just head over to IIFTTT - and if you need help with any kind of marketing automation task for your business, want help setting up a personal chatbot that performs the tasks increasingly well in the way you want them, you’ve come to the right place! At Pearstop we’re generative AI specialists that can help you suggest and implement any kind of flow to increase your marketing and sales and make your life easier.
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