CSRD Glossary


Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, or CSRD, is a directive from the European Union (EU) that mandates corporations to provide more detailed and reliable sustainability reports. This directive is intended to provide better transparency and consistency in how companies report on their social and environmental impact, enabling stakeholders to make more informed decisions. The CSRD is an important step in the EU's plan to integrate sustainable practices into corporate governance.

Benefits of One Standard for Sustainability Reporting:

  • Transparency: Investors, consumers, and other stakeholders can make more informed decisions based on readily comparable sustainability data.
  • Accountability: Companies are held to a higher standard of reporting and disclosure.
  • Efficiency: Reduced reporting costs and time for companies.
  • Global (or at least EU-wide) comparability: Enables comparisons across companies operating in different jurisdictions.